VelocityAP offers a full line of performance ECU Tuning hardware & software. As VelocityAP opened up the Aston Martin Performance Market, we found ourselves in need of advanced ECU Tuning solutions to accompany our exhaust products. There simply were not any companies out there catering to the Aston Martin owner. We looked high & low for tuning partners and found that not one company had invested in developing software solutions for these cars.

We had to do it ourselves. Starting with only the most basic capabilities available from tuning technology providers, we consistently invested in developing the most advanced and complete ECU Tuning solutions for Aston Martin cars. Breaking new ground and doing the painstaking R&D ourselves. The depth of knowledge and experience gained by doing the hard work ourselves has proved invaluable in expanding our offerings to include other marques.

We work with a number of tuning technology providers to provide a range of tuning tools, from simple hand-held customer operated devices, to comprehensive dealer-use tuning tools designed for busy shops. Click Here to see a list of vehicles for which we can provide ECU Tuning services.

What about my warranty? What happens if something goes wrong? Questions that we are frequently asked. VelocityAP always tunes within carefully prescribed safe limits. In over 10 years in business and tuning vehicles, we have never had a customer experience an engine or ancillary component failure as a result of an ECU Tune.

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